We specialise in intimate, human-powered travel through some of the World's most extreme and beautiful wild landscapes.

As eye-opening as any new experience can be, the most immersive and rewarding means of travel is under you own steam, interacting with the environment and learning to live in it. Wherever possible, through the inclusion of indigenous guides, we will aim to get you as close to self-sufficient in the terrain as possible. Not only does this provide an enriching cultural experience, it ensures the lowest possible environmental impact.

Banana Cloud was started by Alex, Pete, Jamie and Gerard, who, having completed challenges and expeditions all over the world that rarely offered the chance to relax with the fantastic people they'd meet en route, realised they could offer better experiences. Consequently, Banana Cloud expeditions focus as much on the journey as the achievement and, instead of heading straight for a flight home at the end of the challenge, we include time for you to unwind while enjoying the local hospitality. Whether it's a day of ice-fishing followed by a sauna, a night out in a Caribbean town or a day in a hammock by the ocean, we aim to ensure you leave us in the best possible spirits.

We have a network of experts worldwide, so if you don't see the ideal trip for you, please do get in touch. We can run bespoke trips to any corner of the planet, whether for corporate or charity expeditions, film projects or simply groups of friends.

Get in touch if you'd like to chat to one of our trip leaders about any part of what we do.

What's in a name?

Banana Cloud was conceived in 2010 when a couple of our directors, having just completed a coast-to-coast adventure race across Costa Rica, sat down and were each handed a large Banana Colada. Utterly exhausted from 6 days of constant effort with almost no sleep, bodies awash with endorphins and minds boggled by the awesome beauty of what they'd seen, they soon found themselves on a Banana Cloud. It struck them that there are few better feelings than the one experienced after completing any challenge through one of Earth's wild landscapes and, as much as the journeys themselves should be hugely enjoyable, it is the moments immediately afterwards, when there is absolutely nothing to do but relax and start enjoying the new memories, that are truly priceless. For these reasons you are cordially invited to join us on our Banana Cloud.



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