What is 'Expedition Travel'?

Labelling a trip as an ‘Expedition’ is a statement of intent, not expense.  For our clients, it means overcoming a challenge as part of a team.  The enjoyment comes from the challenges themselves, the stunning environments, the camaraderie and the days spent reflecting on your journey and achievements.



Can I expect to spend days slogging across jungles, deserts or ice-fields?

No.  Our expeditions are designed to be challenging, but also enjoyable and enriching.  We don’t expect you to blindly follow us; our expert guides aim to give you a thrilling experience and the skill-sets to become self-sufficient in your surroundings.



Do we get the chance to put our feet up at the end of the trip?

Absolutely.  A lot of expedition companies will point you straight to a plane, but Banana Cloud like you to bask in the moment.  Expect a day or two in stunning locations, unwinding in hammocks or hot-tubs.



Am I fit enough for an expedition?

Our expeditions don’t require superheroes, so, if you’re not quite fit enough now, you certainly will be able to get in the required shape very quickly.  See our 'Expedition Fitness' page or get in touch to chat to one of our leaders.



I’ve never done anything like this before – can you help?

Absolutely.  If you want to do an expedition and you have no relevant experience, we will help source kit, advise on training and answer any questions you have at any time.  Your trip leader is a resource that you should not hesitate to use.  As a starting point, see our 'Clothing Systems', 'Top Kit Tips' and 'Expedition Fitness' pages.



How much kit will I need to buy?

We provide tents and cook kit on almost all our trips.  The most expensive items you’ll need are down parkas and sleeping bags for our cold weather trips – both of which are available to hire from us.  All other kit (little more than clothing) can be bought cheaply – see our 'Clothing Systems' and 'Top Kit Tips' pages or speak to your trip leader – they’ll find suitable kit on any budget.



Can you organise bespoke trips?

Yes – everything from small objectives or training weekends in the UK to the biggest charity challenges anywhere in the World.  See our 'Bespoke' pages or get in touch for more info.

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